LAAEL designs are masculine and refined for women who like playing with their femininity.The LAAEL woman’s chic and nonchalant style is reflective of her mood. One day this can be bold and masculine and on another feminine and refined.LAAEL was founded by Dutch fashion designer Elja Lintsen and her brother Guido Lintsen. 

From FALL 2016 we have started working with Pascal-Joël Weber.
A great stylist who also shot our new campaign images.We love his fresh and modern approach!Do keep an eye on the site as we will be doing more projects together in the future.

LAAEL bags and accessories are durable, high quality products in timeless designs.We are researching new materials, as we want to start using less leather and more animal friendly materials.
The suppliers and factories who help make the LAAEL bags are all artisans based in Italy and France,who care for their employees.This is how LAAEL aims to make a collection as sustainable as possible

Officially launched at Première Classe, Paris in 2010, LAAEL was quickly picked up by stores in Japan, Switzerland and France.  

LAAEL is sold in selected stores worldwide.