Since 2005 I have been working on creating personal outfits.
This search for the ‘right shape’ has grown into a specific way of (re)inventing
my own basics. How does an item respond to my body, how do I feel wearing an outfit?
After all these years of experimenting and creating my own “toiles-de-luxe” I have come
to realize that this process of (re)inventing and developing an item to me is an essential
part of creating a silhouet. Over these years I have built an enormous library of shapes
and ideas that I now will use as a base or an inspiration for new designs.
Besides this inspiring personal library, I have always had a strong affinity with workers clothing,
especially worn by women when they started doing “men’s” jobs during the war (WW2).
When uniforms were practical and the way women dressed had an elegance to it.
In a time where women started to speak up more and the world was changing.

Experimenting with materials and finishing, which comes from a love for craftsmanship,
lies at the base of working on the designs; it is an essential part of creating an outfit.
To me there has to be a certain refinement and at the same time purity to a design.
Just as you find this in ethnical clothing, which has a practical and “simple” side to it,
but at the same time pieces are super refined because of how they are made:
With craftsmanship, love and attention.

This whole process of developing and defining shapes, combined with finishing,
using feminist inspirations, is how I create a UNIFORM.
It is a look, an outfit, that is part of an identity.

The first uniform is entitled ‘ME’ and it is time to show ME to the world.
I (ME) am EL, so from now on I will share this personal journey as EL.